We can all agree that...

We ALL want an outlet to distract us from everyday worries, we want to feel strong like we did 10 years ago or you are just tired of being of the chronic pain you have been enduring for some time.


Whatever the reason you are here looking into Pilates, I want to tell you something.  You are in the right direction!!   

Joseph Pilates, the gentleman who designed the Pilates Method, felt very passionate about movement; not just any movement, though, but quality of movement.  He felt strongly that movement should have intention and purpose; he felt having a strong mind and body meant feeling better, feeling better meant a better outlook on life.  It also meant changing how we perceive ourselves and what we are capable of.  This strength of mind and body was not an overnight achievement.  It meant time, energy and determination.  


At Two West Pilates, I hold the same passion due Pilates Method changing my life in terms of pain management.  I just didn't want to be in pain anymore.  Chronic pain disrupts your mind and your body.  Chronic pain is like a thief that robs you of enjoyment and your security system (the brain), just lets it happen.  What if i said you can amp up your security system?  It is possible; movement and getting in touch with your body is the way to amp up your security system!

If you look to the left of this page, there is a list of how of how I get you to kick start your brain to help you connect with your body.  Don't let time overtake you, be decisive and make it happen.  You are investing in your body, and I would say that is a valuable investment!

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