Having been through trauma, whether it be from environment or by accident, can really change how we perceive ourselves.  I have experienced that!  Pilates has been a way for me to break through so many negative emotions about what I can or can't do.  To feel like you have a totally different body, a stronger one and healthy one, than you had 10 years ago is powerful!  That strength alters, not only your body but your mind, how you think and feel. It takes negative emotions and molds them into positive, empowering ones.  I feel that acknowledging that you need more than just your usual exercise program is the first step to getting you to where you want to be physically and mentally. 


Pilates can help you be the active mom/dad that can keep up with their kids, the grandma/grandpa that can take the grandkids on trips, or woman/man whose job requires a lot of them and knows how to use the simple principles of breath to help with stress.  At Two West Pilates, I guide you through that journey of healing and provide you with the encouragement for what you can do.   I offer feedback and coaching to keep you motivated and always coming back for more.  My sessions are one on one only which is the best way to learn principles that need to be used in your every day life.  I work hard for you and expect you to work hard for me!  I will take the time to provide you with the tools that will help you with that.  This is only an investment on your health and wouldn't we want to protect that investment? ~  Studio owner Christina Sauer- Two West Pilates

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Balance Body Practitioner 

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