Pain lead me on this journey - using Pilates to help me and to help others. I started Pilates in 2007 with Balance Body and completed my training in 2011. 

I am married to my husband of 18 years; he's my best friend and biggest supporter.  I come from a medium size family and the second oldest, which accounts for my bossiness and leadership. Giving direction comes naturally and I love taking direction from fellow instructors. Something I tell my clients is there are many exercises I still need to work on. That is how I grow, improve and become inspired.  My clients too inspire me with their determination, perseverance and success in their movement programs.  Seeing their happy, accomplished faces after completing an exercise they thought they couldn't do is the best feeling!

I feel that your Pilates Instructor should be your biggest fan and supporter and most importantly a good listener! 

To get started contact Christina Sauer at 509-991-4895 or email her at 

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