Two west pilates policies and cleanliness for covid-19

Online Pilates one on one training and group classes will continue.


If you choose to practice Pilates in the studio, I want to make sure you can relax your mind and focus on your body.  It is easier to ease your worries when you trust the precautions I am putting in place. 

I am closely following the Spokane County Phase 2 Fitness and Training Requirements.

Social Distancing Protocol-

  • Appointments are staggered with a 30 minute interval before the next appointment to ensure cleaning and disinfecting

  • The teacher will not offer hands on adjustments at this time

  • Studio is strictly for one on one training.  Group classes are held via zoom.

Student Protocol-

  • Put on your studio socks

  • wear your own personal mask

  • wash your hands or use hand sanitizer in the studio before and after your session

  • bring as few personal items as necessary into the studio



  • Cleaning will be done after every client

  • COVID19 compliant cleaning products will be used to wipe down the equipment after each client

  • Instructor will wash hands after every client 


  • We still have a 24-hour cancellation policy 

  • If you feel sick or have been alerted that you were exposed or need to self quarantine within the less than 24 hours of your appointment, I will waive your late cancellation fee and you can take your session online