Traveling or Stay-Home situation have you feeling like you need something else to do to help with the stress?  Try Online Virtual Pilates! All you need is your laptop or tablet, even your phone works. 

What a few students already  have to say about these sessions: 

"Thank you!  This was just what I needed, helped relax in such a tense time.  I was so impressed with the quality of the volume. Felt like you were right next to me.  Loved doing this from the comfort of my own home." (I.V- Kennewick, WA) 

"Just had my first virtual session, amazing!!!  Christina's guidance is clear and concise.  She paints word pictures that make it easier to visualize and execute the movements.  She gently challenges you to do your best, without undue strain or stress.  I feel warmed, more limber and connected with my body!  Book me for twice a week!" (D.W- Seattle, WA)

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"I've had two virtual sessions this week and have been blown away with the ease of communication and intensity.  Initially, I assumed it wouldn't be as hard in home than in a class but boy was I wrong.  Christina's correcting my positioning and movements so I get it right every time.  I feeling motivated and by body feels great. Highly recommend it!" (V.S) 

"Session is AMAZING!  Very easy to set up.  The workout was brutal- just like in the studio!  I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a great workout remotely." (E.M)

"I took my first online session and it was better than I expected.  I was able to get a good workout even though I was at home. I look forward to my session each week but this works until we can go back to normal life." (D.M)

To my surprise...I received just as challenging of a workout over a virtual session as I do in person with Christina!  She was still able to correct my positioning to ensure the correct muscles were engaged.  She provided excellent feedback during my workout.  This was great and I'd definitely do it again.  Thanks for being so innovative so I can continue my workout sessions." (T.S)

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Online Prices for Private Group classes:

150$ for 5 weeks * 

Contact the studio at:



*students are required to take 5 online privates before entering into a private group class

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