What's so special about 1:1 training in Pilates?

Pilates one on one training is more than "just exercise;" it is about creating connections between the mind and body to achieve balance in the body, how the joints move and how the muscles supporting the joints respond to load.   At Two West Pilates, there are two kinds of one on one training:

*Movement Wellness Session 

Description:  Movement wellness is about addressing movement problems that cause tension or pain; this session delves into the history of injuries or trauma.  Expect a slower pace for questions and understanding movement principles along with execution of exercises.  Get ready for your body to have the individualized approach to moving better. 

Requirements:   A medical release from your doctor, physical therapist, or specialist is required before first visit.

Price:  375$ +tax for 5 sessions

Single Session:  85$ plus tax

*Private Session

Description:    This session is a one on one Pilates training program that has a full circuit workout revolving around a fitness goal (e.g. get in shape for wedding, golfing, running, skiing, cycling, rocking climbing).  This is excellent for those who wish a faster pace training while addressing mobility and stability that is necessary in your body.

Requirements:  Injury and pain free.  

Price: 325$ +tax for 5 sessions.

Single Session:  75$ plus tax

Why train with Christina?

Training with Christina is not just about addressing your goals but about learning how to exercise to achieve the desired outcomes, exercise smarter instead of working harder. In this unique process, you get the motivation and encouragement you need to feel mastery over your body. When you feel how easy the exercises become, you will look forward to new challenges. Christina will make this fun and you will look forward to the sessions.

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