what her clients have to say...

  • "I sampled some different Pilates instructors and found Christina to be the most knowledgeable and encouraging.  I look forward to my sessions with Christina because she is skilled at designing a personalized workout.  Christina targets areas of my body that need extra stretching or attention.  She effectively talks me through each exercise and I am always impressed with how in tune she is to my body’s needs.  As I age, I want to continue enjoying an active lifestyle.  Working with Christina has enabled me to maintain my core strength, balance, and flexibility. I can feel Christina’s genuine care for me as a student.  She is always encouraging and her love of Pilates is contagious." ~~ KB

  • "The Pilates TRIO classes have been a life saver for me to be able to continue doing what I love most ... being active and riding my horses. After suffering from an injured back, bad knee and eventually a knee replacement Christina has helped me to get my balance and strength back. I've been compensating for a lot of years so this messed me up a little thus causing pain as I aged. I've attended other Pilates classes but wasn't feeling like I was benefiting from it as should have. Then I found Two West Pilates; the wonderful feature about a smaller group (only 3 in a class) is the more attention I get to ensure my positions are correct when doing the exercise and the constant feedback from Christina. If I'm not feeling what she is describing then she is there to correct my position to engage the right muscles and accomplish the goal of the exercise. This has been a challenge but truly paying off. I appreciate that she does continuing education even though she is very knowledgeable already. But she get's excited to share new things she learns which greatly benefits me. Thanks Christina!!!" ~~TS

  • "I discovered Pilates and Christine both about three years ago. I had been experiencing pain in my neck and arm which affected my sleep. I also had some concerns about my balance, since I had suffered a fall on the ice the previous winter. Christine was providing a Pilates class at a local studio and described her work to be especially beneficial for people of my age and possible limitations. I found Christine to be very attentive to my "special needs." Christine impresses me with her extensive knowledge about the human body and how things can be improved with the correct focus and practice. Christine will go out of her way to insure she is providing you with what will meet your individual needs at that time. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone that wants to improve their balance, coordination, and over-all well being."~~JH

  • "I am a hair stylist I stand and use my arms all day. As a result I ended up with neck/shoulder tension and pain, along with lower back and foot pain. I started seeing Christina in September. My movement wellness sessions helped immensely! The personalized exercises Christina taught me helped to relieve tension in my first session, continuing to practice them at home has given me lasting pain relief! Christina has shown me how to find and feel muscles that need attention and how to strengthen them. My session are very personalized and have a lot of variety I'm never bored and always feel challenged. I love my job; if I want to keep doing it for 20 more years, I have to take care of my body. With Christina's help, I'll be able to without pain!"~~SD

  • ​"I found Pilates with Christina after I was in a severe car accident and had tried chiropractic, massage, PT and acupuncture to help re-align my spine and relieve my symptoms.  All were great but nothing gave me long term relief.  Pilates has changed my life.  I learned about my body, my neck and spine injuries and how I was compensating.  But this was more than acknowledging my injuries, I was able to actively do something about them. The key was my core!   Now I  am stronger,  and have the confidence and knowledge to understand what my body is telling me. I am not working out to just work out, I am making a difference in the alignment and strength of my body. Christina has been great and has supported me throughout this journey.  I will practice Pilates for life and recommend Christina's Movement Wellness programs for anyone who has had neck and spinal issues."-~MS

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