what her students have to say...

"Online sessions are AMAZING! Very easy to set up and the workout is brutal- just like the studio.  I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a great workout remotely."  ~~EM

"This was just what I needed, helped me relax during such a tense time.  I was so impressed with the quality of the audio. I felt like you were right next to me.  I loved doing this in the comfort of my own home.  Looking forward to next time."~~ IV - Kennewick, WA 

"I have been blown away with the ease of communication and intensity of my session.   I assumed it would not be as hard as the studio Private sessions.  Christina's correction on positioning and movements get it right every time.  I am feeling motivated and my body feels great!  I highly recommend!~~ VS 

"Just had my first virtual session- amazing!!  Christina's guidance is clear and concise.  She paints word pictures that make it easier to visualize and execute the exercises.  She challenges you to do your best without undue stress or strain.  Book me for twice a week!!- DW- Seattle, WA 

To my surprise, I just recieved just as challenging of a workout over zoom as I do in person at the studio.  Christina ensures I am working correctly during an exercise.  Thank you for being so innovative so I can continue my workout sessions."~~TS 

"I have been doing Zoom sessions for about a year now and I love having it as a part of my routine.  Christina is a great instructor and knows how to provide good feedback so I can have an effective workout.  She has helped me make so much progress and I am able to do exercises I would have never thought my body was capable of.  I look forward to our sessions every week; I always feel amazing afterwards.  It has been fun seeing how much stronger my body is getting." ~ KG

"I have been working with Christina for almost 2 years.  I had a lot of pain in my shoulders and decided to try Pilates to see if I could strengthen them.  Little did I know how much I would learn from her about how to use the muscles in my body correctly.  Christina is the most patient teacher and works with you until you understand how your body should be working.  She always watches you as you are going through your session and quickly corrects you if you need help.  I started out in the studio and I am now training online.  The sessions are just as effective as the studio workouts (she is very creative using other equipment to deliver a challenging workout every session).  It has been fun to see the progress I have made and look forward to making more progress.  I love my sessions with Christina and look forward to them each week.   If you are looking for a new routine I highly recommend her.  You won’t regret it!~~NC

"Christina's expertise and passion for teaching is apparent in every session.  Despite the challenges of training via Zoom, she is able to provide meaningful feedback and correct my form during the sessions.  My core strength has improved so much by the gentle low impact movement of Pilates.  I look forward to our sessions and learning something new every time." ~~ET

More reasons to train with me...

Training with me will help you get stronger and help you feel better.  I make it my aim to listen to you and take into account what your feeling, what you need and quickly adjust your programming to meet your needs; you cannot get that in a group class!!  

I look at you with the potential to feel stronger and comfortable moving in your body.  That will take time and patience but I will empower you to experience how amazing your body is!  You will be equipped with tools as well as encouragement to trust your body to train for the goals that fit your needs and level.  

Waiting for change in your life or your body is like sitting in your car idling.  You have to to change the gear, allow the car to move and steer it in the direction you want to go!!   When it comes to feeling stronger and more mobile, you need to put yourself in the path of change.  Will change happen overnight? No!  Will it be challenging? Yes!  Will it be discouraging, at times?  Yes!  Stick with it and your renewed change awaits you!!